19 High-Protein Quinoa Recipes to Help You Build Muscle, Fast

Here 19 high-protein quinoa recipes you’d surely want to add to your diet.

1. Berry Quinoa Salad

Via Two Peas and a Pod

Looking for a healthy dessert that also tastes great? Give this recipe for Berry Quinoa Salad a try. Enjoy the sweetness of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry mixed together with 2 cups of dry red quinoa for that protein content you are looking for.

2. One-Pot Chicken, Quinoa, Mushrooms & Spinach

One-Pot Chicken, Quinoa, Mushrooms & Spinach, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Cookin’ Canuck

With a protein content of 29 grams and calorie count of only 277, you won’t go wrong with this chicken, quinao, mushroom and spinach dish. It takes but a short time to cook too, making it an ideal “instant” comfort food for your family or friends.

3. Crockpot Italian Chicken & Quinoa Soup

Crockpot Italian Chicken & Quinoa Soup, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Vegetable lovers and meat eaters alike will surely want to get a taste of your delicious crockpot soup. This soup is loaded with chicken, and everyone’s favorite vegetables together with, of course, protein-heavy quinoa seeds.

4. Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via NatureBox

Chicken is already the food to go especially for gym buffs looking to load up on muscle-building protein. This one simply adds the protein in quinoa seeds and eggs into the mix. Dip the bites into the equally tasty dipping sauce made out of Greek yoghurt, blue cheese and garlic powder, among others.

5. Cheesy Quinoa Waffles

Cheesy Quinoa Waffles, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Smart Nutrition

One thing about this quinoa is that it’s simply an improvement over your normal waffle. It adds in quinoa, eggs and lentils into the waffle batter and finishes off the taste with cheddar, cottage and feta cheese.

6. Savory Pesto Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

Savory Pesto Quinoa Breakfast Bowls, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Simply Quinoa

This breakfast bowl is a powerhouse. It is full of protein thanks to the eggs and quinoa seeds, loaded with complex carbohydrates for energy and healthy fats from the avocado.

7. Greek Quinoa Zucchini Fritters

Greek Quinoa Zucchini Fritters, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Delish Knowledge

Fried is dried, so they say, and thus fried food generally loses nutritional value. These fritters, however, are full of nutrition, thanks to the combo of zucchini, quinoa and flour. Just make sure to fry at high temperature so the oil doesn’t eat away all the nutrients!

8. Spinach Salad with Quinoa

8. Spinach Salad with Quinoa, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Happy Healthy Mama

If you’re looking for a quick salad fix, then you can build this Spinach salad. This recipe puts in a creamy avocado dressing to complement the salad, which contains dry quinoa, chickpeas, avocado oil and tomatoes.

9. Red Quinoa Burgers

Red Quinoa Burgers, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Coffee & Quinoa

You said burgers are unhealthy? You only need to add quinoa seeds, egg, cannellini beans and one large egg to your hamburger patties, and you have a burger that packs a lot of nutrition.

10. Quinoa Granola with Coconut & Chia Seeds

Quinoa Granola with Coconut & Chia Seeds, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Vegangela

You don’t have to avoid sweets even if you’re keeping to a diet. This healthy but delicious granola is made up of quinoa flakes, chia seeds, coconut shreds, and raw almonds, among others. Agave or maple syrup contribute to making it taste like the granola you love!

11. Quinoa Chowder with Spinach, Feta, and Scallions

 Spinach, Feta, and Scallions, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Chowhound

This is the vegetarian way of making chowder. It replaces seafood toppings with a mix of vegetables, feta and quinoa. It also does away with cream as well.

12. Spicy Thai Coconut Quinoa

12. Spicy Thai Coconut Quinoa, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Chowhound

This quinoa dish brings together all the great stuff about coconut milk, peanut sauce and vegetables. Anyone can cook this in their own kitchen, so go ahead and give it a try!

13. Cranberry Quinoa Scones

Cranberry Quinoa Scones, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Cannelle et Vanille

These quones are made out of mixture of quinoa flour and cranberries. They’re very easy to make, and takes just a short time to prepare. You only need to make the dough, set it in the oven and you just wait for the final product.

14. Quinoa-Crusted Cauliflower Steak

Quinoa-Crusted Cauliflower Steak, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via The Vintage Mixer

This looks like tasty meat steak, but is actually cauliflower covered in thick quinoa crust. This goes well with vegetable salad too.

15. Baked Quinoa Empanada

Baked Quinoa Empanada, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via The Latin Kitchen

This one is for the vegetarians. Simply replace shredded meat that you usually find in empanadas with dry quinoa, goat cheese, white onion, carrots and beaten egg yolk, among others.

16. Quinoa, Black Bean & Edamame Summer Salad

Via Food For Fitness

This is a super-tasty summer salad that is a great vegetarian edition to any BBQ.

17. Cheesy Quinoa Cakes

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Spoon Fork Bacon

This quinoa dish is not only delicious, but it’s also very easy to prepare. If you have lots of quinoa seeds lying around and some ingredients, you can quickly make some as a snack for surprise visitors!

18. Black Bean & Quinoa Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Black Bean & Quinoa Stuffed Spaghetti Squash, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via Lauren Kelly Nutrition

That’s not spaghetti, but healthy squash that has been roasted for 60 minutes in the oven. It also has quinoa seeds in vegetable broth and topped with creamy cheddar cheese.

19. Lentils, Beef & Quinoa Soup

Lentils, Beef & Quinoa Soup, High-Protein Quinoa Recipes

Via My Colombian Recipes

Soups don’t always have meat, and thus they have protein value. This one, however, make full use of quinoa, lentils and beef so you get your protein together with other health benefits of soups.

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