Back to School, Back to YOU

You see the signs everywhere, Mama. Summer is ending and a new season is beginning. The official change from summer to fall is on September 23, which will be here before we know it. But for families who need to adjust to a new school routine, summer ends when school begins, which is most likely happening now or within the next couple of weeks…



You have most likely spent your summer by the pool, visiting family, refereeing arguments, and dreaming up activities to keep your kids off of screens. You may have just found your rhythm. You finally figured out how to meet everyone’s needs, different from last summer because everyone is at a new stage; and now, everything is changing. The scheduling challenges shift. Breakfast are now in a time crunch. Lunches and wardrobes need to be prepared. You are no longer wondering how to fill the hours, but rather how to fit it all in.

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