Can you get fit in just six weeks?

Tess Nichol put in the hard yards to see how big a change she could make in six weeks. Photo / Nick Reed

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve realised we’re not looking after ourselves the way we should be.

In those moments it’s easy to wish you could just hand yourself over to the experts, and let them have their way with you. To be told what to eat and how to move your body, then watch the changes start.

Well, one of my colleagues has spent the past six weeks doing just that. She called in a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and sat down to hear the truth about the changes she should be making.

Not only that, but she put in the hard yards of actually making those changes, and documenting how she felt during all of this. It’s not always pretty trying to make a big lifestyle change, and let’s just say, she was fairly honest about that.

I spoke to Tess Nichol, NZ Herald consumer affairs reporter and willing human experiment, for the latest episode of the Go to Health podcast.

We talked about what changes she made under the guidance of the nutritionist and personal trainer, whether it had the results she wanted, and which changes she thinks she’ll keep long term.

By: Frances Cook

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