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I Tried a Medieval Diet

The Regimen Sanitatus Salernum was the Middle Ages’ most famous health manual. How does it hold up? A kingly feast, from the Bayeux Tapestry. (Image:

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Gluten free – Nonsense?

Most people who think they are wheat intolerant, aren’t. OPINION: Best-selling books tout gluten as the main source of health problems affecting everything from the

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Not all bread is bad for you

At a health launch last week, the host giddily announced that the muffins on the table were gluten, dairy and sugar-free, AKA “healthy”, AKA “guilt-free”.

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40 teaspoons of sugar a day!?!

That Sugar Film/YouTube Damon Gameau loads his body with sugar for 60 days, what happens next will shock you. With so much information and mixed messages

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