Category: Diet

5 steps to end sugar cravings

Find yourself searching for “something sweet” morning, noon and night? It’s time to take control and eliminate that longing forever. Naturopath Janella Purcell explains how

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Ditch This…Giving Up Sugar

Controversial? Yes. But most dietitians agree it’s better to focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can’t. “Eat guilt-free: Enjoy a balanced

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Try This…The Dirty Dog

Do it standing or on all fours – this exercise is great for abs, butt and hips. And just like the name suggests, it involves

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Swap this…Quinoa For Teff

Add this Ethiopian staple to salads, substitute it for porridge, try it in flour form for baking or check out this tasty teff burger recipe.

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Coffee and your liver

Drinking coffee can have more benefits than you think. DO YOU ever find yourself feeling guilty while you savour that delicious flat white every morning?

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