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Insect flour

Ever get the feeling your protein shake isn’t protein-y enough? Well, some might say the solution just isn’t cricket, but it is. It’s cricket flour. Yep, the

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8 for 2018

Swapping treats for a piece of fruit or walking an extra block each day are small, simple changes that could make a huge difference to

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Boosting happiness

The next time you are feeling down, skip the chocolate, cake or icecream binge and grab an apple or carrot instead. You’ll miss the instant pleasure

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Try This…The Dirty Dog

Do it standing or on all fours – this exercise is great for abs, butt and hips. And just like the name suggests, it involves

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Living the Paleo way

You can find burgers, fries milkshakes and other unhealthy American-style cuisine on almost every street corner– but what about trying Paleo or Paleolithic cuisine, where

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