Why Accountability Matters

The New Year is here; can you believe it??  Not only is it time to celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next 365 days around the sun, but it is also time for the new year’s resolutions to start rolling out.  


One Mom’s Body Back Transformation: A Letter from A Husband

We love our various programs, because there truly is a class for every mama in any stage of motherhood. In January, many of our locations nationwide kick off Body Back Transformation, an 8-week result based journey. Learn more about Body Back here

At FIT4MOM, we may be all about that mom life, but we sure love the amazing dads and partners that support the women that make our community so special, especially when it comes to support so moms can give TLC and time to themselves!

This week, for Transformation Tuesday, Charlie, husband of FIT4MOM Louisville‘s recent Run Club and Body Back grad, Ashley Gonzalez, wrote a letter to celebrate Ashley’s Body Back transformation…


“Ashley joined our Run Club program in August after she found out a friend of hers had signed up. Little did she know at the time, but that decision made somewhat on a whim would have a profound impact on how the months to follow would unfold. One of her fellow Run Club mamas had just finished Body Back with results that wowed our entire Village! That was the push Ashley needed to make a change and she enrolled in the next session of Body Back right away. Fast forward a few months – lots of hard work, meal prepping, and dozens of workouts and miles later, Ashley has her own set of amazing before and after photos to share. In just 8 weeks, she lost nearly 30 pounds! We couldn’t be prouder of all she accomplished. Hard work pays off!” –  FIT4MOM Louisville

Ashley’s hubs, Charlie, gave us even more insight into her incredible journey. Body Back is not something that’s easy for mamas to do alone. Having support from your spouse and family is invaluable to a BB mama. Charlie was one of those partners that we all dream of having during Body Back – all in from the start! Here’s what he had to say:


Be Present Meditation

The holidays have no chill, so it can be hard to find zen amongst the hustle and bustle. This week, a lot of our franchisees are running a #5DaysofPresence campaign, where they are encouraging themselves and their mamas to connect, unplug, and live in the moment. 


Kid’s Stocking Stuffers

When it comes to gift giving, it’s SO fun to shop for our littles – whether you have a little boy or a little girl, our holiday gift guide – check it out here – has heaps of ideas for presents, big and small, for everyone on your nice list.


Mommy Burnout | Putting Yourself First Is Putting Your Family First

A few weeks ago I was covered in watermelon and waffle pieces, my son was crying because his week old balloon wasn’t floating anymore, the dog needed to be fed and let out, and my husband was calling because he forgot something he needed at work.

Does this scene sound familiar, Mama? Mommy Burnout is described as,

“the emotional and physical exhaustion that you feel from the chronic stress of parenting. It’s feeling like you’re over your kid sometimes,” by Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

Being a Mom is extremely tiring but there is hope. You can find yourself again in the midst of all the chaos!

Schedule Time For Yourself

We need to stop, drop (onto the bed), and roll our thinking away from school projects and well checks. Constantly focusing on our children and families seems like the right and only option but it can lead to dangerous outcomes: social anxiety, distance in loving relationships, chronic health issues, depression and more.

Annie’s Anti-Burnout Tip

Set a time each week to check in with yourself and your needs. Make a list or journal what you need to accomplish FOR YOURSELF that week in order to feel fulfilled.

Get Rid Of The Guilt

This is easier said than done, but acknowledging what you need is a huge first step! Once you know that it is okay to get some work done while the baby is with a sitter or going to dinner with your partner or a friend, your body will begin to thank you!

Annie’s Anti-Burnout Tip

Find a trusted person to offer some help. A sitter, nanny, family friend who can step in and help out can give you a break and a breather to help avoid mommy burnout!

Talk It Out

I know that husbands and partners sometimes don’t quite understand and can take your venting as complaining. That is why a Mommy group or a good friend to unload on can make such a difference.

Annie’s Anti-Burnout Tip

Find a Mommy Group via Facebook,, a local church or word of mouth and dive in. You might find that you have a ton in common and or have been in extremely similar situations as you.

That is how I personally deal with the Mommy Burnout but all moms are different. So, here are some great tips from the Mamas on the Knocked-Up Fitness team:

The power of fresh air + sunshine… Just taking a stroll around your driveway with the monitor while your baby is napping could make all the difference. I love taking my big boy outside while the little one is napping to avoid mommy burnout. We do chalk in the driveway or water the flowers and the monitor goes with me.

On cold days, I used to take a drive to Starbucks, turn on a podcast and take a break from being home all.the.time. When you are stuck at home, it’s hard not to look around and see all that has to be done. Every now and then, you just need some time away.

On Instagram, Sadie Jane was asked how she always seems happy with kids and work. She said she focuses on being in the moment with her kids because she won’t get this time back. She forgets about the to-do lists, piles of laundry, the dinner that needs to be cooked and puts her attention into being with her kiddos, interacting with them, giving them the attention, love and snuggles they are asking for.

When she is PRESENT IN THE MOMENT she finds herself the happiest. But when she gets caught up in everything that needs to be done, she gets anxiety and becomes unhappy.

I loved hearing that because that was something someone said to me early on. Forget about your to-do lists and be present with your little ones because they need you right now and you won’t get these moments back (this is obviously referring to when they are asking for your attention or wanting to be held by you).

Sometimes good enough just has to be good enough! If you bought cookies from the store for your child’s school holiday party instead of spending hours trying to replicate the ones you saw on Pinterest or your child looks like a fashion disaster because they picked out their outfit to wear for school pictures, sometimes you just have to go with it.  In life, you have to pick your battles and at the end of the day, these things really don’t matter. What matters is the love you show your family and the great memories you are building with them!

Do something by yourself or with your kids that is relaxing. I love sitting down and putting together a big Lego set. It allows me to focus on building something from the ground up and being able to see how the structures begin to morph into something amazing as we progress through the steps. If Legos are not your thing, I also recommend coloring. Coloring is proven to relax and the brain and reduce stress and anxiety.

The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regiment or purchasing any product(s).

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14 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

Instead of going for a boring book or dull DVD how about you get a useful gift that will not only make your friends, family and loved ones smile but will also help them get fitter too?

We’ve picked out our top goodies for the gym junkies and fitness fanatics to help you make their 2019 the fittest year yet!

Fitness Dice

No gym plan, no programme, little time? No problem! With these fitness dice, you can work out anywhere.

There are three different sets: beginner, intermediate and advanced with 30 exercises per set.

Simply roll the exercise dice and then the numbers dice and you’ve got your first exercise with how many repetitions you need to perform.

Cost: £29.97

Click here to get Fitness Dice on

Morphy Richards Oval Slow Cooker

Slow-cookers are changing the way how we cook. It’s not surprising that they’re so popular: they slash food prep time, they make cheaper cuts of meat taste delicious and melt in the mouth and they’re cheaper than using an oven.

This slow cooker from Morphy Richards is one of the top-rated on Amazon and costs less than £35 too.

It’s ideal for making tasty high protein stews and casseroles is a must-have kitchen appliance this winter!

Cost: £33.99

Click here to get slow cooker on 

Fit Nation Foam Roller

Muscle pain and feeling sore after a workout is not cool! A foam roller is a fantastic bit of kit to ease your aches and tightness after a tough workout.

The technical term for foam rolling is Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and it’s so effective because no one knows better than you as to exactly where you are feeling tense, exactly where you need relief and exactly how much pressure you need.

The Fit Nation roller is great because the nobbly bits on the roller really help you work into tense areas, easing muscle soreness and improving your recovery.

Cost: £9.93

Click here to get the Fit Nation Foam Roller on 

Fit Bit Charge 2

We love FitBits! They’re definitely our favourite fitness gadget and are idea for anyone who wants to make fat loss easier [Related: 5 Reasons Why A FitBit Will Help You Lose Weight]. Fitbit now do a huge range of products from £49 all the way up to £199.

But we think without a doubt, one of their best products is the Fit Bit Charge 2. It tracks everything that you need: steps, distance covered, calories burned, your heart rate and it also has the sleep tracker. It is extremely versatile, discreet and very stylish for a wristband.


Click here to get The Fit Bit Charge 2 on 

Muscle Food Gift Voucher

More and more people are ditching the supermarket in favour of going online to get their weekly protein-packed meat rations delivered to their doorstep. MuscleFood are one of the largest online meat suppliers in the UK and will deliver everything from freshly butchered steaks, to premium chicken breasts to exotic treats like ostrich and kangaroo.

Their range is extremely high quality, considerably cheaper than the supermarket and arrives on at your house in around 24 hours! They’ve got a range of vouchers which would make an ideal gift for any protein-loving foodie.

£10 to £100

Click here to get a voucher on MuscleFood

Gym Diary

If you want to improve something, you need to log it!

The Gym Diary is a perfect gift for any gym junkie who wants to keep note of their training programmes and strength increases.

It’s laid out very well, there’s room for over 100 workouts and it`s handy A6 size means it doesn’t take up too much room in a gym bag.

Cost: £7.49

Click here to get The Gym Diary on

Thermos Food Flask

Don’t have access to a microwave at work to heat your lunch? No problem.

This Thermos Food Flask is fantastic!

It’s wider than a typical flask, it’s perfect for keeping meals piping hot so you can have a tasty, hot meal for lunch instead of a soggy, cold stew.

Food stays hot for hours and the foldable spoon is a convenient addition. There’s almost 2000 reviews for this on Amazon, it’s a popular one for sure!

Cost: £21.62

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Bodymax Cast Iron Kettlebell

Kettlebells are fantastic if you want to have a workout in very little space that will get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body.

They’re a must-have for anyone who has a home gym or for people who want to train in their own living room.

From 4kg to 32kg there is range of weights suitable for all abilities.

£12.99 to £53.99

Click here to get a Kettlebell

Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder

Fat Gripz are a great accessory, loved by gym-rats that help increase arm growth and grip strength.

The rubber handles are easily attached to any set of dumbbells, a barbell or pullup bar and are used in gyms all over the world.

Favoured by many professional athletes and bodybuilders, training with a fat bar is reported to increase muscle activation and improve strength and size gains.


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101 Ways To Lose Weight & Never Find It Again

Scott’s new book is for everyone who is sick of restricting, dieting, detoxing and confusing weight-loss advice.

The book contains clear, enjoyable and easy-to-follow habits that will help you to get leaner, fitter, stronger and happier without the hunger and heartache.

It debunks all of the fat-loss myths and includes encouraging, scientifically proven ways to make small changes to your lifestyle for long-term health and sustainable weight loss.


Click here to get 101 Ways to Lose Weight on

Sportstech Adjustable Dumbbells

Trying to create a gym at home can be expensive and it can require a lot of room!

Dumbbells don’t come cheap and you can only really have one or two pairs before you start to run out of room. That is unless you get some adjustable dumbbells.

The adjustable dumbbells from Sportstech are an amazing piece of kit that have 15 different weights in one dumbbell ranging from 5kg to 32kg.

The weight change mechanism is simple and easy to use. It doesn’t matter how small your gym space is, you can now enjoy a full range of weights with this ingenious set.


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The Protein Works Gift Voucher

Available in a variety of denominations, these protein packed vouchers can be used to purchase any products from the The Protein Works website.

TPW are our favourite supplement company at the moment because of their range of products, quality, price and delivery speed.

From protein powders to multivitamins, these gift vouchers are the ideal gift for anyone who trains or takes supplements.

From £25 – £100

Click here to get a voucher on The Protein Works

TRX Suspension Trainer

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for improving full body strength and mobility.

From push / pull movements for the upper body to lower body exercises using the feet anchors, suspension training can provide a complete body workout from your own home.

The set can anchor on to doors, poles and trees so you can train in your own living room or outside in a park too.

Price: £149

Click here to get a TRX on

The High Protein Handbook 4

OK, OK … we may be a little biased on this one so we will just lay out the info for you to make your own minds up.

The High Protein Handbook 4 – Slow Cooker Special includes: 30 brand new, delicious, easy to make high protein slow cooker recipes; full nutrition information for each recipe including calories, carbohydrate, fat and protein; A varied mix of chicken, pork, beef and turkey recipes; Beautiful full colour photo for every dish; A rock solid 30-day money back guarantee; and a barcode on every recipe so you can scan the meal into MyFitnessPal.

Price: £9.99

Click here to get The High Protein Handbook 4

In this article we’ve listed our favourite fitness and nutrition books of 2017.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy: The Definitive Guide to Relief

Pelvic Floor therapy is something that nobody wants to talk about it, but it is something I need to address. Pelvic Floor Therapy is a sensitive topic that few women like to discuss in public–even with friends and family members, yet it is something that affects a MASSIVE population of women. More than one-third of American women have a Pelvic Floor Disorder, with almost one-quarter of females in the US suffering from more than one of these severe disorders. These disorders worsen with age, and nearly 400,000 women underwent pelvic organ prolapse surgery in a recent year.


The good news is that thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, more and more ladies are seeking relief for their pelvic pain problems, by way of an efficient and therapeutic procedure known as pelvic floor therapy.



Pelvic Floor Therapy


What exactly is the pelvis, anyways?


The pelvis just may be the most misidentified and difficult to pinpoint anatomical region; and indeed, it is even rather difficult to describe the precise location of the pelvis in the human body. The pelvis comprises the area between the thighs and the abdomen (a component of the lower trunk of the human anatomy). The term pelvis also encompasses its bone components, otherwise known as the pelvic skeleton or the bony pelvis.


Who needs pelvic floor therapy? 

As noted, many types of women with a vast variety of pelvic conditions may find themselves in need of pelvic floor therapy, at some point in their lives. These include:


  • Pregnancy and Postpartum: As can be expected, the pelvis–along with the abdomen and other central lower body parts–undergo a great deal of stress, pressure, and change during pregnancy and childbirth; and may not spring immediately back into shape immediately upon the arrival of your bundle from heaven.
  • Pelvic Pain: Both women who experience mild or severe pelvic pain on occasion or during certain activities, and those who sadly must deal with constant discomfort in this sensitive region, may very well be in need of pelvic floor therapy. Sadly, the attainment of this therapy may be delayed because the sufferer is embarrassed to discuss any pain or discomfort originating in a private area, or they may fear that something serious or even life-threatening might be afflicting them. Yet in truth, the process known as pelvic floor therapy can allay or even resolve many instances of pelvic pain.
  • Bathroom Trouble: If you suffer from any number of difficulties in regards to your natural processes, be it incontinence, bladder abnormalities, constipation, bowel movement problems, etc., then you might find relief for these troublesome, embarrassing problems by way of pelvic floor therapy.
  • Menopause: Aside from widely discussed menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and sleep difficulties, that much-discussed change of life called menopause can cause pelvic issues as well. And again, it bears repeating that pelvic floor therapy can help alleviate these problems.
  • Painful Intercourse: The issue of painful sexual intercourse can be a traumatic one in the life of a woman, one that can severely impede her personal life, her marriage, her intimate relationships, and even her sense of femininity, self-esteem, and attractiveness. For these very reasons, it might be very difficult to discuss the quandary of painful intercourse with one’s physician. Yet it is only by sharing the details of this disorder with a trained professional that can you discover its solution; a resolution that also takes the form of pelvic floor therapy.



picture of women discussing Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis

Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis


Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis


If you find yourself facing these all too common situations, or if you are dealing with related illnesses such as endometriosis (the term pelvic floor therapy endometriosis indicates the use of this brand of therapy to treat that prevalent condition in which tissue which generally lines the uterus is discovered outside this organ and across the surface of others, such as the ovaries, the bladder, the rectum, etc., thus causing pelvic, urinary, and/or bladder pain) or vaginismus, then consult your physician about the possibility and the procedure of pelvic floor therapy. And interestingly enough, males suffering from painful or premature ejaculation also can seek relief by way of pelvic floor therapy.



picture of Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect

Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect


Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect


No one exactly looks forward to pelvic floor therapy, as they fear that the procedure will be painful, invasive and even embarrassing. Yet the good news is that, when it comes to modern pelvic floor therapy, a variety of options are available; many of which are minimally invasive and relatively painless in commission.


As far as considering the subject of pelvic floor therapy what to expect, you can seek specific information from your doctor, a mental health professional, or a sex therapist. In general, though, some of the most common and ultra-modern forms of pelvic floor therapy include:


  • Vaginal Dilators: This unique form of therapeutic equipment is comfortable and easy to use method for relaxing and easing the pelvic muscles. These comfortable and easily inserted plastic tubes relax the pelvic muscles and are particularly helpful in combating the problem of painful or uncomfortable intercourse. Throughout the course of vaginal dilator therapy, your medical specialist may ask you to experiment with varying and perhaps increasingly larger sizes of vaginal dilator.
  • Manual Pelvic Floor Therapy: A physician may insert their own fingers for the purpose of massaging and/or stretching one’s pelvic muscles, starting with a mild and shallow digital penetration to test the tightness and sensitivity of the pelvic muscles. Although it is to be expected that most pelvic floor therapy patients will experience discomfort or even pain during initial manual pelvic floor therapy treatments, these feelings should ease if the therapy proves successful. Also be sure to research both the therapy itself and the presiding physician before you begin this form of therapy, to ensure that the procedure is properly and ethically performed.
  • Electric Pelvic Floor Therapy: We know what you’re thinking. “Ouuuccchhhh!!!! No way, unh unh!!!!” Yet please hear us out on this one, as this new age and high tech form of pelvic floor therapy ranks among the most efficient and accurate forms of diagnosis and treatment available today. In the electric pelvic floor therapy known as biofeedback, for example, an electronic probe is inserted into the patient’s vagina to record images of the patient’s pelvic floor images, with a computerized image appearing on a nearby screen. And in the form of electric pelvic floor therapy called electrical stimulation, the medical caregiver administers a low voltage electric current that will instruct patients in the movement and coordination of their pelvic muscular contractions.
  • Education: Perhaps the least invasive–and, in some cases, most helpful and certainly most informative–form of pelvic floor therapy is a matter of education. Some patients may not have a good working knowledge of their personal and reproductive systems. This may be because they originate from a conventional family in which such matters were never discussed, or because they may come from an impoverished background in which physical and health-related education was not readily available. This brand of education, as attained through books, doctor-approved medical websites, and a top quality pelvic floor therapy video, will inform the patient about the anatomical makeup of their pelvis and its inner working; as well as just how to tell as to when something down there isn’t working! And the patient also should learn about the proper maintenance and hygiene upkeep of one’s pelvic area, as poor hygiene or unhealthful personal practices can contribute to and even cause pelvic health disorders. The pelvic floor therapy video may be particularly helpful, as images can do far more than words in terms of displaying and demonstrating the anatomical location and inner workings of one’s pelvis.




picture of women doing Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home

Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home


Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home

Sure, you may just feel a bit sheepish at first while watching this video and perusing these materials; yet just imagine the relief that you will feel as you take your pelvic health in your own hands, perhaps even learning that a simple change in hygiene practices might eliminate your problem–no surgery or intensive therapy needed.


  • Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home: Those who may feel uncomfortable with learning about and practicing most forms of pelvic floor therapy may be relieved to know that multiple forms and varieties of pelvic floor therapy at home options are available. Under the care, supervision, and direction of your physician or sex therapist, you may be able to order plastic dilators for use at home, where you’d be far more comfortable using them anyway, as well as books, videos, and other educational materials. And of course, the most popular and widely used form of pelvic floor therapy would have to be…



picture of Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises

Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises



Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises

Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises: Many patients are relieved and even excited to learn that–instead of surgery, medicinal drugs or painful treatments, they may indeed be able to exercise away their pelvic pain, discomfort or dysfunction. Exercise is an invigorating and therapeutic form of physical therapy and is ultimately the key to good health. Ah, but before you go rushing into your workout room to put on your favorite aerobicize DVD, keep in mind that–in the big scheme of things–the average jumping jack or sit up ain’t going to do much to help the good ol’ pelvic floor muscles.


Rather, pelvic floor exercises (also known most popularly as Kegel exercises) involve the contraction and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, with the ultimate goal being to strengthen, stretch and elasticize (or make more flexible) those muscles. Pelvic floor therapy exercises lend ultimate strength to those pelvic muscles beneath the bladder, uterus, and bowel. These exercises are known to do wonders for urinary and bowel relief problems. And, of course, they also can help those dealing with painful and/or uncomfortable intercourse and related issues.



picture of an advertisement for the Knocked-Uo Fitness core rehab program by Erica Ziel


Are you concerned that you may not be able to master the complex art of the pelvic floor therapy exercise? Well, to accomplish the feat of this exercise, just mimic the moves that you make during another important and relatively everyday physical ritual; one that is most tastefully known as answering the call of nature….


Yep. The basic and most essential pelvic floor exercise will feel a lot like going to the bathroom. Ah, but stick with us here; these exercises really work!


To perform a basic pelvic floor exercise, follow this step by step procedure:


  • Empty your bladder.
  • Clench your pelvic floor muscles and count to 10.
  • Release the pelvic floor muscles and once again, count to 10.
  • Complete 10 repetitions of this process, thrice daily.





After you listen to the podcast on pelvic floor exercises, be sure to consult your physician to make sure pelvic floor exercise is right for you. Also consult books, videos and physician-approved websites for details and demonstrations of these and other pelvic floor therapy exercises.


Also know that, on today’s market, a number of aids are available to facilitate all manner of pelvic floor therapy exercises. These include but are not limited to manual and electric exercisers, and kegel aids shaped in the form of common objects such as roses and eggs.





Although many people approach the concept of pelvic floor therapy with some shyness and trepidation, many find that the results of this therapy are affirming and life changing in nature. Depending on their specific pelvic problem, they may find their love life restored and rejuvenated and their marriages and relationships saved; their bathroom schedules returned to normal and their daily schedules and lives restored, not to mention their overall peace of mind; and their lives freed from the pain and discomfort that has held them captive for far too long.


To find out more about pelvic floor therapy near me, please visit



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