Cave man cooking comes in from the cold: Wild Thyme offers paleo-inspired classes, meals to go

Cave man cooking comes in from the cold: Wild Thyme offers paleo-inspired classes, meals to go

By Janet Patton

[email protected] 6, 2015 


Did you make a New Year's resolution to eat better?

Wild Thyme Cooking wants to help. The cooking school has classes in paleo cooking, which will steer you away from starchy carbohydrates, and toward more fruits, vegetables and meat.

Sometimes referred to as the "cave man" diet, paleo proponents say that humans are ill-adapted to process grains, legumes (beans), dairy and processed sugar. The diet is popular with CrossFit enthusiasts and often is gluten-free.

But the diet isn't for everybody: Some nutritionists question the logic behind it. But for most people the biggest detractions are the restrictions on salt, sugar, alcohol and favorites like bread and potatoes.

In addition to the cooking classes, Wild Thyme also offers gourmet-to-go meals that will fit with the paleo diet, or many other nutritional diets.

The meals can be ordered online from a weekly menu, then picked up at the Chinoe Road location on Mondays after 5 p.m.

One week's offerings included balsamic steak pizza, rosemary lemon pork chops, chicken tikka masala, poached cod with butternut squash and carrot puree, pineapple beef kabobs, pesto-stuffed prosciutto chicken or a soup and salad combo.

Not exactly hardship fare.

"It is very healthy — and we've had customers say they maintain weight loss, felt better and had good results from the meals," Chef Allison Davis said. She doesn't market them as a weight loss plan.

"These are just healthy meals we make," Davis said. And she uses all pasture-raised meats, wild-caught seafood, and organic produce from Good Food Co-op as available seasonally.

Wild Thyme started offering the paleo-inspired meals in fall of 2013 and now sells 125 to 140 a week, she said.

"It makes for a busy Monday," she said. "It's good for families, and kids, and it's been a great option for a busy lifestyle."

Individual portions are $12; enough for a small family, about 3 servings, is $35; and enough to feed six is $60.

Wild Thyme's menu options are posted online, as are paleo cooking classes, along with classes for gluten-free dinners and baking, sugar detox, and frugal foodie meals. Visit:

But fair warning: Wild Thyme also offers classes on cooking with bourbon and pastry making, which could lead you off the paleo path.

Janet Patton: (859) 231-3264. Twitter: @janetpattonhl.

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