Chicken Stripes

chicken1-white-stripesWhite striping is becoming more common in chicken – and it’s not a good thing.

If you’ve ever seen white stripes on your raw chicken breast and just ignored it, you may want to give it a little more thought next time.Compassion in World Farming

According to a new video by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), those stripes indicate a muscle disorder in chickens, which the group links to poor breeding conditions that lead to the birds growing too fast.

As a result, the taste and nutritional value of the chicken is affected, with meat that contains more fat and is less tender, reports Buzzfeed. CIWF also points out the suffering the birds endure from putting on weight too rapidly.

Researchers say the severity of this “white striping” has increased in recent years, with one study involving 285 birds showing 96 per cent were affected.

CIWF says while severely affected meat is generally used for products such as chicken nuggets, moderately affected chicken is sold at supermarkets.

However, a spokesman for the US National Chicken Council told Buzzfeed that white striping affects only a “small percentage” of chicken meat and “does not create any health or food safety concerns”.

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