Dairy substitutes

Not everything can be substituted (this goes without saying). Unfortunately, there really isn’t a paleo substitute for bread and butter pudding, where the main ingredients are bread, milk, and sugar – three ingredients that should be avoided at all costs when following the paleo principles.

In saying that, some recipes can work out well with paleo substitutions where cream, yogurt or milk is an ingredient.

For curries: Where cream, yogurt or milk is added to a curry sauce in small amounts, coconut milk, almond milk or no substitute at all can work out really well.

Within cakes: Small amounts of milk can be substituted as well with coconut milk or almond milk to provide the moisture needed.

How about custards? You can make delicious paleo friendly custards with coconut milk, egg yolks, and a vanilla bean.

Learning to live without dairy becomes extremely easy when it’s put into practice. Try not to focus too much on reinventing your favorite non-paleo meals, and focus on creating delicious paleo friendly meals.

Don’t continue to stress over cravings or missing your favorite meal of lasagna, or creamy cabonara, instead focus on finding a paleo recipe that can take its place – because I can guarantee there are plenty of recipes that don’t consist of dairy, grains, processed foods and sugar that you will enjoy eating time and time again.

Nikki Young

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