Discover Paleo Diet’s History

The Paleo diet has taken the internet and media by storm as it continuously gain popularity among diet lovers. Many are shifting to Paleo that has been dubbed as the only diet compatible to human genes. Studies have showed the science behind it as well as its origin.

According to The Paleo Diet Site,  Paleolithic diet was consumed by the ancient cavemen and civilizations through their hunter-gathering means. However, it was first popularized in the 1970’s by Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin and soon after, many authors, researchers and nutritionists were considering it as a natural means to provide ample nutrition to the body. Soon after, many individuals have adapted it as their way of life.

He suggested that the genetics of the human body did not change from the ancient times. Hence, this diet would have always been compatible to the human body.

After so, a Swedish doctor Staffan Lindeberg, pioneered a scientific survey called Kitava study and he found out that a civilization in Kitava, Papua New Guinea who utilized the Paleo-like diet did not suffer from any diseases like stroke, heart diseases, obesity and hypertension.

Their diet is not westernized and they rely on eating what they gather or hunt from their livelihood. In the 1990’s, scientists, medical doctors and nutritionists advocated the use of Paleolithic diet to reduce risks of many lifestyle diseases and have a healthier body. Today it is again popularized by Dr. Cordain and followed by Robb Wolf.

According to Loren Cordain, PhD, from the Colorado State University, there are clinical studies that prove that the Paleo diet is an optimum diet that can actually reduce the risk of many ailments. They claim that the western diet is the culprit in the emergence and high number of cases of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems.

Also, Dr. Boyd Eaton and Dr. Melvin Konner of the Emory University became interested in the diet and they published an article in 1985 regarding Paleolithic nutrition which gained attraction from various sectors of the medical field. Furthermore, in 1989 they were joined by Marjorie Shostak and they published another article and book about achieving proportions of nutrients in the Paleo diet.

The human genes that were present in our ancestors for a demanding natural environment enabled them to survive and thrive. Hence, it leads to a very energetic lifestyle. According to the book by Brand-Miller, Mann, and Cordain entitled, “Paleolithic nutrition: what did our ancestors eat?,” the natural diet during the time of our ancestors is the healthiest diet. They claim that a carnivorous diet is the most compatible one to the genetic make-up of humans. Today, it has gained popularity all over the world especially among celebrities as it is effective in boosting weight loss and promoting health.

Today, the world’s attention has turned to this diet as a means to lose weight and practice healthy eating at the same time.


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