EXERCISE TIPS | Reach + Curls

At Knocked-Up Fitness, we are all about strengthening your deep core and keeping it STRONG!

As moms, it is hard for us to fit exercise into our busy lifestyle. With these reach + curls, it allows you to get on the ground with your little one(s) and start firing that core while lengthening your fascia (learn more about fascia here). This is also a safe exercise to incorporate during pregnancy as long as you are remembering to hug your baby in order to keep your core engaged.

Modification: Instead of bending your arm back, keep both hands on the ground and dip the corresponding shoulder while extending your leg out. That what you are still creating and feeling the opposition in your body.

Watch the video below as I talk you through this movement that you can do on a daily basis to start feeling all the lines in your body!


Erica: Reach and curls are a great exercise to safely strengthen your core and really feel good fascial connection through your entire body. So to start, let’s go on all fours. I want you to relax your hips the best you can, lengthen through the top of your head and zipping up pelvic floor, low belly while wrapping into your ribcage. Then, reaching your right leg out feeling your hamstring, glutes and low belly. Relax your right shoulder so you feel the connection underneath. I want you to take your left arm and I want you to bend it back 90 degrees. On your exhale, you are going to zip-up even more while rounding your spine. Think about opening up your back, and then inhale to lengthen out so you feel energy out through the top of your head. Exhale round, then inhale. On the next one, I want you to add a little rotation with your upper body. You will feel a little more wrapping of your ribs and leading with that elbow to get a little more shoulder work. Lengthening and rotating all in one. Then exhale to round in.

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