Fat and enzymes

Fat, in its raw form, is the best source of pure energy. But, when fat is cooked or processed, it no longer has the 40/60 ratio and quite often gets stored in the body… and is a reason why many people are overweight.

Dr. Howell’s research has also shown that a diet of cooked foods causes rapid, premature death in mice. In fact, rats on a cooked and processed food diet live about two years. While the rats that eat raw food live about three years. The rats eating raw food live 50% longer. Dr. Howell also noted that the brain weight of rats eating cooked food went down and their body weight went up.

Another study took two groups of hogs. The first group ate cooked potatoes and gained weight rapidly. While the second group ate raw potatoes and didn’t get fat. Dr. Howell believed, based on his work in a sanitarium, that “It is impossible to get people fat on raw foods… regardless of the caloric intake.”

At the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, experiments were done on two groups of people. The first group were individuals 21 to 31 years old. The second group were 69 to 100 years old. They found the younger people had 30 times more amylase in their saliva than the older people. This is why, when we’re young, we can handle a diet of bread, pasta, pastries and cooked foods without much problem. But this type of diet can cause rapid aging and depletion of our enzyme supplies.

Eskimos ate only raw fat and raw meat before they adopted our cooked diet. Because there were live enzymes within these foods, they lived a long and healthy life. Now that they are eating packaged, processed sugary foods, they have one of the highest rates of diabetes in the nation.

In the colon, undigested proteins putrefy, undigested carbohydrates ferment and undigested fats turn rancid. This causes toxicity. These toxins can seep through the intestinal wall and get into the blood stream, which can lead to even more health problems.

When you eat cooked and processed foods, the pituitary, thyroid and pancreas all must donate enzymes to help digest that food. This slows your bodyies metabolism and weight will probably be gained.

Obese people have very low levels of lipase in their body and lipase is the enzyme necessary for breaking down fat. When digestion is bad, the body craves more energy and some people eat and eat to try to satisfy that hunger. The food they’re eating isn’t being fully broken down and digested and the nutrients within the food aren’t being released and delivered to the cells to satisfy the hunger.

If fat is not properly digested, it can cause many cardiovascular problems among other things.

I hope you’re starting to understand that the human body must have its food and supplements in their correct forms so that every one of the trillions of cells in the human body can benefit from those nutrients.

What we can do to turn this totally negative situation into a positive one is to start taking an exceptional digestive enzyme with our food and even between meals.

What you accomplish by taking digestive enzymes is this: You make absolutely sure the nutrients are fully broken down into the smallest possible size so that every cell in the human body can benefit. You also relieve the burden on the digestive system and free up the immune system and metabolic enzymes so they can protect and repair the human body.

Until you do this, taking a step toward better health is very hard to do because the human body totally depends on fully digested foods to function properly.

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