Finding Time for Yourself (When It Feels Like You Have None)

Anyone else feeling like you’re stuck on a Groundhog-Day-Hamster-Wheel-Mom-Hangover? The days are jumbling together, the number of times we’re hearing the name “Mom/Mama/Mommy” has increased by 230498, the number of homemade meals we’ve had to make has skyrocketed, and the walls are starting to feel like they are closing in. WE ARE FEELING IT. If you feel like you want to hide in the bathroom with the doors and windows locked just to sit in peace for a second, we get it. If you’re feeling like you need to hide in the closet with a glass of wine, we get it. If you’re feeling increased anxiety, depression, or fear, we get it. All of these feelings are valid, as what we are all going through in the world right now is *not our normal*.

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