Getting outside in the winter months is especially important for the mind and body. The air is fresh and crisp, so simply getting out into nature provides a nice break from spending more time indoors due to changing weather and temps. Also, when there is less sunshine in the sky, and, therefore, less natural vitamin D getting absorbed into our system, moving our bodies, even in a gentle walk around the neighborhood, can be a great mood booster (and after this year, we all need more of that).

Here are some ideas to get moving outside this winter (with your family or solo)…

  • Layer up and take a walk around the block or a local park!

  • Hit the slopes – take the family skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.

  • Go ice skating at a local outdoor rink.

  • Try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

  • Go on a family nature scavenger hunt in your neighborhood and/or backyard.

  • Wear bright colors, lace-up, and go for a run.

  • Build a snowman and/or have a snowball fight.

  • Grab your BOB Gear® stroller (want one from Santa?? See our top-pick for a jogging stroller in our Gift Guide) and your kiddos, and do a quick stroller workout like this one below!