How to Make Time for Yourself + Your Partner!

When I first got pregnant, my friends told me two things:

  1. Make time for yourself
  2. Make time for your partner


When our baby was born, I was constantly looking for ways to do both! Well ladies, I have found the perfect combo…GYM DATES! I know, I know…but hear me out because if done right, it can be a blast!!


Find a time and place that works for you.

There are so many great places to enjoy a workout together.  You can meet in your backyard for an afternoon workout, the gym or a nature area for a hike.

For us, it’s our gym where there is childcare. Wherever it is, make sure you both agree on the place and time. This will help decrease any anxiety or stress and make the workout that much more enjoyable!


Select a workout that is NEW for both of you.

During one of our first gym dates, we started the Core Rehab Program. The core work was equally challenging for both of us and was something we really enjoy doing together.

Get creative with your workouts!!  Go rock climbing, take a hot yoga class or go for a bike ride on a new trail.  Whatever adventure you choose, enjoy the time with your partner.


Don’t take yourselves too seriously.

Gym dates work because you both are in a stress-free zone where the endorphins are flowing.  Keep it fun and light and don’t get too competitive, mama!!


Know your emotional limit.  

It can be really hard to leave your baby at first.  Our first few gym dates were only about 30 minutes long. As time goes on and you get more comfortable, you can extend your gym dates.

The key to making gym dates work is being in the moment and enjoying something new with your partner.  Take it slow and enjoy whatever time you can allow with each other!!

Combining your workout and couple time is a great way to stay healthy, have fun and spend quality time with your partner!  And if gym dates are just not your thing, you can still apply these tips to whatever activity makes you happy!


Happy Bumpin!

~Coach Annie


To learn more about the Core Rehab Program, Pre+Postnatal Membership or the Prenatal Exercise Specialist Instructor Course, visit our website!

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