Ideas for nutritious breakfasts to fuel your body

Question: I’m looking for different options for breakfast, as I’m a bit bored with the muesli I have most mornings. What are some nutritious breakfast options?

There is one piece of advice that most nutritionists reach unanimous agreement with and that is the importance of eating breakfast. Starting your day with the right nutrition is as essential as keeping the petrol tank in your car topped up with the right fuel.

Evidence suggests eating a nourishing breakfast is one of the best habits you can adopt to improve your health and wellness. Its many benefits include everything from improved mental function to weight loss, weight management and improved mood.

A fruit smoothie is a quick alternative if you need breakfast on the go.

Turn convention on its head and opt for a breakfast high in plant foods. Try lightly steamed or stir-fried vegetables with a fist-sized serving of protein or start the day with a green smoothie. Higher protein breakfasts decrease ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone) while high-carb breakfasts can do the opposite. Having said that, you know your body better than anyone else does and what fuels you may differ. Many people enjoy bircher mueslis or home made nut-based mueslis and feel energised by these choices.

Paying attention to what gives you energy and vitality is critical in helping you better understand the needs of your individual body.

5 nourishing breakfast ideas:

– Omelette filled with greens and herbs.

– Bircher muesli made with oats (if tolerated), nuts and seeds and a small amount of fruit, preferably fresh.

– For a quick breakfast on the run try avocado and lemon juice or nut butter on good quality toast.

– Poached eggs with greens with/without good quality toast.

– Breakfast smoothie with berries, banana, nuts or seeds or avocado, and greens.

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