“Oh, no… Not another run where I peed my pants,” you think to yourself after you’ve been cleared by your OB/GYN to exercise.

The truth is, you wear black leggings *just in case* you leak down there and you ignore it because your mom friends told you it was normal after having a baby.

>>As women, it’s common to want your before baby body back yesterday, but it’s leaving you with pain and discomfort.<<

Can you relate, Beautiful?

If so, I have good news: you CAN improve how your body feels and functions while…even if it’s been 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years since you’ve had your little one.

I can prove it in just one week when I’m hosting a FREE Masterclass: The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your Body. And I want YOU to get your seat saved!

In The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your Body, you’ll learn:

  • How your pelvic floor is involved in everything you do
  • Fascia’s role in getting rid of pain and dysfunction
  • Why re-training your brain can enhance your results

…and more!

This free, one-hour class will also be the place where you can get your postpartum question’s answered.

*It’s going to be just what you need to feel confident in wearing colored leggings again!*

Are you ready to learn? Or, better yet, ready to invite a friend to join you?!

>>Register for The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your Body TODAY!<<

Register for The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your Body today, and I’ll see you there!

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