Important Tips For Lifting During Pregnancy

Do you ever look down at your bump and ask yourself how you are going to be able to do lifting during pregnancy when you can’t even see the floor?

Don’t let your bump hold you back!

That bump can seem to be in the way of a lot of things, but through this 2-minute video, you are going to learn that it doesn’t have to hold you back from picking things up off the ground!

Follow these steps to properly lift and avoid dumping into your back:
  • On your exhale, lightly connect through your pelvic floor and deep core
    • Properly connecting through your pelvic floor and low belly provides your low back with additional support and can help you avoid those nagging aches + pains
  • Stagger your stance by putting one foot in front of the other
    • Switch up which foot is forward to help keep your body balanced 
  • Lower down
  • Remain lengthened through the base of your pelvis to the top of your head 
    • Avoid leaning forward because all the weight will go to your lower back
  • On your inhale, use your hamstrings and glutes to help lift you up

See ladies, back pain can be avoided during pregnancy.

The more you use these important tips for lifting during pregnancy, the stronger your body can get and the more you can avoid those aches + pains during pregnancy.

That’s what we are all about here at Knocked-Up Fitness®. We are here to want to ensure that you and your bump are supported during every step of your pregnancy.

Sound like something you need in your life?

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