Keto and Low Carb at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Orlando

Keto Diet Low Carb Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Staying Keto and Low Carb Diet at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando is easy when you plan ahead a little bit. I first went to Disney World when I was 5 years old, way before I was following the keto diet, with my best friend and we camped in camp ground and saw a rattlesnake. My dad broke his arm jumping over a table and it was all in a memorable experience driving 10 hours in a Griswold family style station wagon. This childhood trip to Disney world was way before I was eating gluten-free, low carb/ keto or paleo.

35 years ago and today!

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When the opportunity came up to revisit the Disney parks with the same best friend 30 something years later, I jumped at the chance. Neither one of us has any kids so we were excited to act like children again. I was a little nervous about the dining options at Walt Disney World and we talked a little bit about what we were going to eat before our trip.

We agreed to stop at a grocery on the way to stock up, then we brought snacks into the park and we read over the web sight to find meals that may suit us both. My friend does not eat low carb or keto but she was able to eat whatever she wanted at the same time I ate mostly.

Plan for success and always talk to the Disney staff who are well versed in gluten free choices and food allergies. Flour adds carbs so gluten free and low carb often goes hand in hand when it comes to sauces and fillers. Be aware that sauces can be a source of hidden sugars and carbs as well.

The basics of the Keto Diet are to eat 20-30 net carbs per day and keep your protein moderate (usually more of a problem for men). When starting the keto diet it is important to use a lot of sea salt on your food and drink lots of water. Putting a teaspoon of salt in water can help with the adjustment period while your body starts burning fat for fuel instead of sugar/ carbs that need to be replenished every 2-3 hours. You may notice that you are less hungry and can go more hours between meals.  Please don’t start the keto diet for the first at Disney World because it can be hot and you may not feel well the first few days. This post is for people who are already adapted to a ketogenic lifestyle to find healthy choices while at Magic Kingdom.

Before you go to Disney:

  • If you have dietary restrictions, make sure to plan ahead and read menus online.
  • Pack some snacks in your purse or backpack which is allowed at Disney.
  • Save money with a refillable water bottle at the fountains (order here).
  • Stay in an airbnb ( Save $40 off your first Airbnb here) or Residence Inn type hotel so you can cook your own meals to save money and be healthier.
  • Stock up at Aldi, Trader Joes, Super Walmart or Costco for low carb, gluten free, paleo food on your way to your accommodations.
  • Pack non-perishables like protien bars, jerky and nuts from home in your carry-on bag from home (Epic bars here).
  • Stay hydrated with water and a pinch sea salt to avoid keto flu type symptoms.
  • Plan to go at a less busy and less hot time of the year (we went in early March and it was perfect).
  • Figure out your backpack/purse you will carry in the park and wear comfortable shoes. I took my best Keen’s (order here) that are also waterproof and so much cushion for each step.


Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Menu

My favorite sit-down cuisine I had at Disney’s Magic Kingdom was a fat filled salad, I found this to be the best meal I had at Magic Kingdom and a great value. I got a side of fajita chicken and a side fajita beef off the gluten free menu. Then I went over to the condiment bar which had lettuce, cheese, guacamole and salsa for free ( I heard they may start charging for guacamole soon but it was free then, March 2018). This meal was less than $10 and I was so full I could not eat it all. Really, ordering just one side of meat would have been enough for one person.

They have a DIY condiment bar at Pecos Bill which can make your sides of meat very Keto diet friendly. This was my plate before I added the condiments.

My Keto taco/ fajita  salad salad after I loaded up at the toppings bar. My friend eating what she wanted, Disney makes it easy for different dietary needs!


Snacks Neccessary!

Make sure to bring your own snacks which is allowed. I brought some low carb Kirkland Protein bars from Costco or (order here) and nuts in my comfortable and roomy cross body purse (order here) that I carried the whole time.

Sometimes while visiting Disney we were so busy riding rides I didn’t want to stop to have lunch. There were a lot of stands that had small bites so you could nosh while you were still walking.

Healthy and Quick Keto Options at Disney: 

  • Turkey Legs in Magic Kingdom Park – Prince Eric Village Market in Fantasyland, Turkey Leg Cart in Frontierland, and Liberty Square Market
  • Starbucks Ice Coffee and Heavy Cream Main Street near entrance
  • Beef Hot Dogs Minus the Bun covered with mustard
  • Bag of salted nuts, no sugar added

Pickels and nuts in Liberty Land

More Keto choices at Liberty Land: Turkey Leg or all beef hot dog with no bun and mustard.


Make sure to stay until the fireworks after dark because they really are magical. We were riding dumbo when they went off.

Me showing my Disney Side! I used to weight 240 lbs so I am happy to take pictures now.  Read more of my story here.

Beautiful view at dusk of the Magic Kingdom.

In the afternoon I was really craving something sweet like ice cream but I didn’t want to eat the sugar. So I got a Starbucks ice coffee (iced decaf Americano) with heavy cream. You can add sugar free syrup that they carry but I avoid artificial sweeteners. I use the stevia packets they have which have 2 carbs in each packet.

Chicharrones in Frontier Land can be a great low carb and keto diet snack.

Fun pictures from our time in the Magic Kingdom, it really does make you feel like you are transported to wonderland.

We watched the Parade on mainstreet at 3:00 pm (info here).We danced a lot with the characters waving from the floats don’t miss at least one parade.

Riding the Teacups like when we were 5 years old. Teacups have no carbs lol!

Stay healthy with digize for digestive support while traveling. Also purification can help support the immune system when touching all the things at Disney. (more info here)


Low Carb and Keto Quick Service/ Casual Options:

Casey’s Corner: All-Beef Hot Dog topped with house-made roast beef, Sautéed peppers and onions (avoid cheese sauce that has flour)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe’ — Tomorrowland — Magic Kingdom: They have an Angus burger with bacon and cheese, plus you can load up on toppings at the self service station and make a big side salad (avoid ketchup and honey mustard for example). Greek salad with chicken and feta is my jam! At dinner they have pulled pork platter and half rotisserie chicken.

Diamond Horseshoe: Pork Barbecue and carved brisket at lunch.

Main Street Bakery: Serves Starbucks and Teavana items. I get an Americano with heavy cream and add a few packets of stevia from my purse. For tea I order a hibiscus tea with no sugar added. How to order at Starbucks here.

The Plaza Restaurant: have a loaded Angus burger you could order with no bun for tons of fatty meaty keto goodness and have a side salad that is a wedge with blue cheese.

Prince Eric’s Village Market: Turkey Leg

Pinnichio Village house: (lunch and dinner):  Anitpasto salad

Peco’s Bill Tall Tale Inn: Steak or chicken salad (no beans, corn, or chips) see image above, Angus bacon cheeseburger, Lots of keto toppings on the fixings bar.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Italian) : grilled shrimp, Roman hangar steak, caprese, house salad no croutons, low sugar dressing such as blue cheese or olive oil and vinegar.

Sleepy Hollow restaurant: Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich, served with Ham and Tomatoes (served until 12:00pm) (just ditch the waffle or ask for it without).

Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant: burger, chef salad

Tortuga Tavern: Slaw, ribs (sauce could be sugary, ask for sauce on the side) , beef dog

Low Carb/ Keto Options at Theme Sit Down Restaurants: (characters visit your table, often buffet, $50-100)

Be Our Guest Restaurant: Braised Pork as well as the Tuna Nicoise salad without potatoes sounds good!

Cinderella’s Royal Table: Charcuterie plate (no crackers),  Braised Pork Shank, Beef Tenderloin, Buttered Shrimp, Pan-seared All-Natural Chicken, Beef Tenderloin, Mixed Greens, Roasted Marinated Mushrooms, Blue Cheese Crumbles, and Fried Leeks in an Herb Vinaigrette, fresh fish of the day.

Crystal Palace (Winnie the Pooh theme!) Omelette station in the morning, Creative Array of Garden-fresh Salads, Roasted Carved Meats, Seasonal Fish, Chicken, Peel-n-Eat Shrimp.

Diamond Horseshoe: Dinner is an all you can eat American buffet with brisket and pork barbeque.

Pinocchio Village Haus (early morning magic reservation only) Breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon and sausage and cured meats, cheeses.

My friend Andrea from has some great tips about Saving Money at Disney and she is an expert. READ MORE HERE.

Thanks for reading have a wonderful low carb and keto time at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! Leave a comment and let me know if I left something out. Please share this article with a friend who maybe following a keto diet or maybe gluten free. 

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