Mermaid Stretches During Pregnancy

Mermaid stretches are a great active stretch to do during all trimesters of pregnancy as well as postpartum. This exercise really works to open up those tight hips, belly + chest! 

  • Sit up tall in the mermaid position. 
    • If this feels too tight in your hips, roll up a towel and place it under your bum. 
  • Lightly engage your pelvic floor, lifting up from underneath your belly.
    • You want to be lightly hugging your baby.
  • Take your arm back behind you and use your booty to help lift you up.
  • Lift your other arm, feeling the opposition from your fingertips to the palm of your back hand. 
  • Take an inhale at the top.
  • On your exhale, lift tall as you come back down.
  • Do three on each side and then switch.

If you are doing these mermaid stretches during pregnancy and find that one side feels more restricted than the other, that is absolutely ok! Use a towel if needed or go back to the side that is tight and do a few more to help open things up. 

During pregnancy + early postpartum, you want to make sure you are actively stretching verse just sitting in a stretched position. When you actively stretch, you create opposition, strength + stability in the ligaments and joints. Make sure you are lengthening + connecting through your body for maximum benefit! 

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