Paleo Myths


Over the past week or so, we have enjoyed a wonderful journey together (well, we have here at Weight Loss The Paleo Way have and we really hope you have too). We have shared a lot about Paleo food and recipes. While our major concern is to help people safely and properly switch to paleo lifestyle, we are also concerned about making them feel safe and comfortable with their decision.

Now, we know there may still be readers who are skeptical regardless of all we have said and discussed in the past few emails. And why not! With so many myths flying around, it is only human to be a little doubtful.

So, we have decided to dedicate today’s letter to the myth busting ritual. Sort of like the TV show Myth Busters, but without the cool sets or budget they have :).

For today’s ‘show”, we have selected five major myths that are completely false and unsupported and the ones we found most people have heard and/or believe to be true.

So here we go.

Myth # 1 – Paleolithic humans died before the age of 30

Ok, so first let’s remember they lived unsheltered amongst larger and wilder beasts than what we have now. WIthout any natural defenses, it’s a miracle they survived as long as they did. However, having a life expentance of only 30, well from the standpoint of health, that is not true at all. Paleolithic ancestors had almost the same natural ife expectancy as us (and that without all of the modern understanding of diease and medicine we have today).

Myth # 2 – Paleo involves eating raw meat

Wrong! Paleo involves unprocessed meat but in no way does that mean it’s completely raw off the bone meat.

Myth # 3 – Paleo is excess proteins

Given that proteins are building blocks of our body, who wouldn’t want that. Yet, a professional dietician can always help you maintain the right balance.

Myth # 4 – Paleo Lacks Calcium

What if it is a little low on dairy products? You can get enough calcium from Kale, Spinach, Salmon, Sardines, olives, dates, and nuts.

Myth # 5 – Paleo prohibits ‘pleasure’ food

Well, if you checked out the recipes books I shared, you know there are a ton of delicious desserts (like chocolate & beer for example) you can have, that are paleo friendly. Speaking of chocolate and alcohol? You will be surprised by how chocolate and beer are completely a part of paleo diet.

And that is something we plan to discuss later in one of our future emails.

So, stay tuned for more authentic and encouraging information paleo lifestyle.

Thank You as always, we appreciate you (& really support you in your pursuit of the Paleo way of Life).



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