Digestive System Basics

When your food is poorly digested, you absorb nutrients that aren’t fully broken down or usable. Which causes many problems.

Because your immune system will attack and defend your body against partially digested foods that get into the bloodstream. The immune system doesn’t recognize food, it sees a toxic invader and attacks it. When this happens, not only are you not getting the benefits of the food, but you are weakening your immune system by using it in a role it shouldn’t be involved in.

In other words, you are using the immune system and metabolic enzymes daily to clean the bloodstream of undigested food particles instead of having their full strength used to protect energize and repair your body.

According to the father of enzyme research, Dr. Edward Howell, the digestive system is designed to break down approximately half of the food we eat.

Dr. Howell was one of America’s pioneering enzyme researchers and in his classic book “Enzyme Nutrition” he explains how the digestive system is designed to work. Before fire was discovered, man and animals alike could only eat raw food, like raw meat, plants or fruits and vegetables.

He explained how raw foods have a 40/60 ratio of enzymes. Which means a raw food like an apple has live food enzymes within the apple which break down and digest 40 to 60 percent of that apple.

This leaves the remaining 40 to 60% of the apple to be broken down by the digestive system.

Raw foods are enzymatically alive which means these foods have active enzymes within them to help digest 40 to 60% of that particular food. Since cooking destroys enzymes, cooked and processed foods are enzymatically dead which means there are no live enzymes within that food to help with digestion.

These dead foods place a lot of stress on the digestive system, the pancreas, the immune system, the whole body.

Before genetic engineering and irradiation, our raw foods had the proper 40/60 ratio. But today many raw foods are genetically altered or they have been irradiated for longer shelf life, killing the enzymes in the food. Which means that even the raw food we eat today, if it isn’t organic, could be in a 20/80 ratio or worse…

On top of this, we are already asking the human body to break down 100% of the cooked and processed foods and supplements we eat, and now, possibly 80% or more of the raw foods we eat.

This stresses your body, every single day!

The digestive process works like this:

First, you chew your food, and it mixes with the saliva in the mouth. The saliva has an enzyme called amylase which starts the pre digestion of carbohydrates. The more you chew, the better.

Then, the food is swallowed and goes down the esophagus into the upper portion of the stomach. The food stays there for about 45 to 60 minutes to predigest. It will only be able to predigest if you are eating foods containing live enzymes because the body does not supply any enzymes at this stage of digestion.

Then, the food goes into the lower part of the stomach where trypsin, pepsin and hydrochloric acid break it down further. Next, the food moves into the small intestines where the pancreas delivers digestive enzymes to complete the digestion process.

Next, the nutrients pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream where metabolic enzymes utilize these nutrients in all parts of the body and in every living cell.

Ways To Improve Your Digestion

The first way is in the pre digestive stage, which lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes in the upper part of the stomach. Dr. Howell calls this the enzyme stomach because this is where the live enzymes within a raw food start pre digestion of that food.

You can improve your digestion ability substantially by adding a digestive enzyme to break down the food as it sits in the upper stomach.

This is very important because it will help to conserve your body’s enzyme supply.

Lack of digestive enzymes affects the pancreas. Remember the digestive system is designed to break down approximately half of the food. When we eat cooked and processed foods, we’re asking the digestive system to break down 100% of the food we’ve eaten. This means every time we eat these foods, the pancreas must produce twice as many enzymes as it is meant to and so it is working double time. Doing this year after year puts a tremendous strain on the pancreas. And eventually stresses our immune system and reduces our metabolic enzyme supply.

Autopsies have been done on people that eat mostly cooked and processed foods. The results show the pancreas is dangerously enlarged, poorly functioning and quite often on the verge of breaking down.

When your enzyme supplies runs low, you become ill. There are three ways to conserve your enzyme supply so that it doesn’t run low.

Eating organically grown raw food is one way.

The second way is to take digestive enzymes every time you eat.

The third way is to take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach.

Another way of saying this is…

The faster your enzyme supply depletes, the faster you age and the more likely you will get disease. On the other hand, when you conserve and even increase your enzyme supplies, you increase the odds you’ll live longer and healthier.

Dr. Howell believed that the underlying cause of almost all degenerative disease is the depletion of the enzyme supply caused by eating mainly cooked foods.

Dr. Howell said, “We know that decreased enzyme levels are found in a number of chronic ailments, such as allergies, skin disease and even serious diseases like diabetes and other severe diseases.” Thus, if your enzyme supply is low, you’ll have problems. But, if your enzyme supply is high, you’ll be less likely to have these issues.

Some problems show up in the long term while others show up in the short term. The cold and flu season is a very good example of problems showing up in the short term. During the months of November, December and January more colds and flu are reported than the other nine months combined. We have many holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

During this time most of us eat a tremendous amount of cooked and processed foods, additional sweets, alcohol, pies, cakes which puts an extra burden on your body because your white blood cells must clean up more undigested food in the bloodstream. This is caused by the increased consumption of cooked and processed food which lowers the effectiveness of the immune system so we catch a cold or get the flu.

Should you fast?

Whilst certainly not an “essential” part of a paleo diet, intermittent fasting definitely gets a lot of attention – and criticism.

The idea of intermittent fasting is certainly contra to the conventional wisdom advice to constantly graze. There are lots of studies to suggest many benefits to long windows between meals – and it definitely seems to be a good way to control appetite and lose weight.

In my personal experience it’s been intermittent fasting that enabled me to finally start losing weight after a long plateau. But, it’s not right for everyone.

I think it’s important to know what you’re doing if you try intermittent fasting – how to make it work – and if it’s right for you. Eat Stop Eat is a great guide with lots of support and practical advice on fasting.


Latest research has confirmed that 5 days every 55-60 produces beneficial effects in anti-aging and cholesterol levels.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25549805Peter Bowes

….One idea being explored by Longo is that a five-day intervention every 60 days may be enough to trigger positive changes in the body.

“This is exactly what we have in mind to allow people, for let’s say 55 every 60 days, to decide what they are going to eat with the help of a good doctor, and diet in the five days. They may not think it is the greatest food they have ever eaten, but it’s a lot easier, let’s say, than complete fasting and it’s a lot safer than complete fasting and it may be more effective than complete fasting.”

The very small meals I was given during the five-day fast were far from gourmet cooking, but I was glad to have something to eat. There are advocates of calorie restriction who promote complete fasting.

My blood tests also detected a significant rise in a type of cell, which may play a role in the regeneration of tissues and organs.

It is a controversial area and not fully understood by scientists.

“Your data corresponds to pre-clinical data that we got from animal models that shows that cycles of fasting could elevate this particular substance, considered to be stem cells,” said Dr Min Wei, the lead investigator…..


Paleo diet smoothies recipe book

Secret to keep you from falling off the Paleo Diet? – Breakfast!
Many people start on the Paleo Diet every day only to fall off the program within a week. Why? You skip breakfast and rush out of the house only to find yourself starving shortly thereafter. It’s the quick stop for tea or coffee when our bodies are screaming for something to eat that does us in. The only thing typically available with your coffee order is a sugary processed muffin that throws us off our diet in a flash. Paleo Diet Smoothie recipes deliver a long list of delicious quick Paleo Diet breakfast options you can make at home in less than five minutes. Getting your Paleo breakfast out of the way first thing in the morning ensures you will stay on track for the rest of the day.



Kristen Suzannes Easy raw recipe eBooks – Vegan

Many people are interested in experimenting with Raw food, but don’t know where to start. Others would like to gradually work more Raw foods into their diet. And some people would like to introduce Raw foods to their spouse or family in a way that is easy, flexible, and fun.

In this unique book, Raw vegan chef Kristen Suzanne presents “transitional” recipes designed to help people experiment or migrate gradually toward the healthy Raw food diet, using techniques such as combining raw and cooked elements in the same dish, or “sneaking” Raw food into family meals. By introducing more Raw foods gradually, people’s palates become accustomed to the delicious and unique textures and flavor profiles that are common in Raw cuisine.

This book has 107 recipes, including: Pastas, burgers, pizza, tacos, sandwiches, desserts, cookies, breakfasts, salads, soups, sides, smoothies, juices, and shakes.
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How often do you go to work, only to have your schedule change, leaving you with little – if any – time for lunch? Or, you get so engrossed in what you are working on that you only notice you haven’t eaten at 3:00 in the afternoon, when you are shaky and just need food now?  
What do you do?
* Buy a wilted salad with who-knows-what’s-in-it dressing from a nearby store?
* Grab and gorge on sugary snacks from the vending machine or the stale almonds you’ve squirreled away for emergencies?
* Hit a drive-through and wind up with a headache or feeling like a slug the rest of the day?
* Or, not eat lunch at all?
Wouldn’t you rather have a healthy and delicious lunch and snacks to keep you powered throughout the day – without spending hours in the kitchen?



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Considering The World We Live In… Is It Any Surprise That The Paleo Diet Has Taken The World By Storm???
The Paleo diet is the newest and most innovative development in dietary science.
And yet in MANY ways, this “innovative” diet is paradoxically a return to traditional eating; it’s based on the way human beings ate even before the rise of agriculture, in the days when most of us subsisted on what grew freely.
The Paleo diet isn’t just a great way to lose weight.
It’s also a great way to ensure a proper balance of nutrients, for improved:
✔ Stamina
✔ Eyesight
✔ Mental health
✔ Energy
✔ Athletic performance
✔ Cardiovascular health
✔ Libido
✔ Intelligence and mental performance
✔ Happiness
There’s only one downside:
Following the Paleo Diet properly, for most people, is EXPENSIVE!
Because lets face it: the kinds of foods the Paleo diet recommends are not the kinds of things you can just buy and pop in the microwave.
Most of them require shopping at specialty food stores, or at least taking a trip to your grocery store’s more exotic sections.
What all this adds up to is this:
For most people, following the Paleo diet means eating out at restaurants that specialize in paleo diet dishes, or at best buying the Paleo diet branded goods at the grocery store, which can often cost a small fortune.
So how can we make these meals at home without spending a ton of money?
Introducing my Paleo Recipe eBook Caveman Paleo Recipes
Ever since I started on the Paleo diet myself, I’ve been working on different recipes, trying out different dishes, coming up with different ways of eating that:
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Caveman Paleo Recipes is a product I’ve been working on for a LONG time, all of the recipes i eat day in day out are here.
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Meat dishes
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Lean meats
A wide array of veggies, including lentils, beans, lettuce, tomato, and other top-quality “super foods.”
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The only difference with these recipes is, I make them taste GREAT… For a price you can afford!
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I’m very healthy and always have been. I don’t eat a lot of junk food, I’m not overweight, and I exercise daily – I’m even a Pilates instructor (check me out at PilatesLessons.org)! But there’s just one problem. I don’t eat all the fruits and veggies I’m supposed to eat every day. Who does? I seriously don’t think that I EVER ate the minimum daily requirement of fresh fruits and veggies!
From The Desk of Bob Hannum (penname: Jan Gilbert)



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210+ Paleo Recipes From Civilized Caveman Cooking.
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My name is Nikki Young, author of the Paleo Cookbooks. Before I introduce you to my delicious paleo recipes, I want to tell you straight off the bat that the paleo diet is not a diet designed by diet doctors, faddists, or nutritionists; it is a diet designed by nature. It is not the latest weight loss program or celebrity diet that leaves you craving sugar-laden foods.
The paleo diet is the diet the human body is supposed to follow, and as such, all the positive results gained from following the paleo foundations seamlessly fall into place:

    – Increased Energy
    – Clearer, Smoother Skin
    – Weight Loss Results
    – Better Performance and Recovery
    – Stronger Immune System



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The PaleoHacks Cookbook is for ANYONE who is serious about THRIVING on the Paleo Diet – For Life!

Yes, the recipes in this book are universally healthy and whether you are a stay-at-home Mother, an elite athlete or a busy executive.

Remember: When you consume foods we as humans have evolved to eat and you cut out the “modern” foods that don’t mix with our genes and DNA…

You trigger a wave of rejuvenation throughout your body – one that’s visible on your midsection, your muscle tone, skin, hair, face and much more.

This is just one reason why so many people from all walks of life are turning to the Paleo diet – because it produces results without the oppressive, tasteless foods and portion or calorie control you find on most diets.



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We went on a mission to create the one cookbook that would cover it all. With 350 recipes and counting, you will never run out of ideas and will always have something healthy and delicious at your fingertips.

We took great care to include every category of food possible, while at the same time eliminating all grains, legumes, vegetable oils, added sugar and dairy.

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