The Power of One Word

Have you ever paused to think about the power that ONE word can have on your perspective?

It can lift your spirits, motivate you, turn your day around, ignite your passion, or even patch a broken relationship.

At the same time, a single word can bring you to tears, cause heartache, leave you with mistrust, or just plain hurt you.

>>But what if you used that power of one little word to create clarity, drive, passion, and to change your life?<<

Back in my scrapbooking days, I followed a woman named Ali Edwards and she started a One Word exercise that encouraged people to choose a word they can focus on for the year.

Before I entered 2021, this exercise came to me and I decided I wanted to do have one for the new year.

Because after all, why not add another tool to my toolbox to propel me forward?!

I went to bed that night with 4 different words that I couldn’t narrow down, so I slept on it to see what would come up for me in the morning.

You want to know the funniest thing…I forgot ALL 4 of my words. *hand to face!*

I turned on a 5-minute breath exercise from inside the Core Rehab program before I dove into my scheduled workout to see what word would resonate with my soul.

Sure enough, it came to me and so much clarity opened up in my mind.

>>Not only is the word itself powerful, but I can attach it to so many single words that can apply to EVERY aspect of what I want 2021 to be for me.<<

That is the power of breath and meditation.

Here is my challenge to you: sit down with yourself and your breath for 5-minutes and see what word comes to you.

Once you have your word, I want you to live it and breathe it. See how different your life can be at the end of 2021 just by utilizing the power of this one word.

Don’t think I’m going to tell you all of this and not share what resonated with me!

Mine is renewed and with it, I’m going to make 2021 my best year yet. Are you with me?

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