The Results Are in! Whole30 Diet and Weight Loss Lessons

Last month, I told you lovelies that I was two weeks into the Whole30 (in a nutshell, you nix sugar, dairy, grains, beans, soy products, processed foods, and alcohol for a month, while also not stepping on the scale or watching TV/doing computer work while eating).

And now I’m two weeks out—and, upon reflection (insert fancy raised pinky here), I think I’ve learned more than I expected I might.

(Full disclosure: This pic is from Panera’s “power” menu, because it is much, much prettier than any of the photos I took of my own recipes.)

I am, in general, a pretty healthful eater: I forgo sugar, skip fast food, limit caffeine and alcohol, I eat tons of fruits and veggies, and I haven’t had a soda since 2012.

But! I’m also human. Embarking on something that knocks out several of my staples—namely, beans (I’m an unapologetic hummus and chickpea fan) and tortillas (I mean, I live in New Mexico, for heaven’s sake)—for 30 days still felt like a huge feat…but I’m always up for a health challenge. And here’s what I learned!

1: I look forward to cooking. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved dabbling with recipes. But this challenge meant trying out new recipes almost every day or else feeling kind of meh about repeating a meal. I’ve been making my own from-scratch meals much more often since finishing the Whole30 (and actually crave spaghetti squash in lieu of pasta).

2: I take the time to pre-plan meals out. Because there are so many limitations for foods you can’t eat, it makes sense to look at the menus for the restaurants you’re visiting in order to see what might work with the challenge. And if I’m going to be out for a full day, I’m always sure to have packed lunches and snacks.

3: I bypass the scale. Pre-challenge, I (on average) weighed myself once a week…maybe.. But since you’re specifically asked not to weigh yourself during the entire challenge…I didn’t! It was kind of nice to ignore the gadget, but I’m also one of those people who’s naturally snoopy—so, the day after finishing the Whole30, I jumped on the thing. I’d lost 16 pounds.

The takeaway (for me!): Mindfulness—which I thought I had beforehand, but I really didn’t. I find that, now, I think about how to make a meal healthier and tastier more than I did before (while bringing things like chickpeas and tortillas back into the equation!).

Lexi Petronis

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