The Ultimate Paleo Diet Plan to Transform Your Health

You’ve probably heard about the paleo diet, the lifestyle switch that’s taken America by storm. Paleo has fast become the most popular diet to have ever held sway over our love handles. People all over the world are having massive success following a fairly simple switch in diet and many consider paleo to be more than just a diet, it’s become a lifestyle choice.

The paleo lifestyle is aligned with how our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate and lived for thousands of years. It is the only nutritional system which works with our genetics to enable us to stay lean and energized.

The present Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with foods that we haven’t biologically adapted to process (1)(2)(3).

Experts agree that a diet high in processed and refined carbohydrates and sugars is the leading cause of chronic degenerative disease(4).

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


The paleo lifestyle adheres to this principle that Hippocrates put forth. Many people following this way of eating have cured their diabetes (5), skin problems (6), depression (7), arthritis (8) and even alzheimer’s (9) just to name a few.

So what exactly is the paleo diet? How can it help you not only to lose weight but also to fight inflammation and heal your digestive tract?

Why do some people seem to be so against it and where did this seemingly new yet absolutely ancient way of eating even come from?

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