Tips For Getting Through Cold Season

It’s that time of year again…

runny noses, sore throats and the dreaded flu bug!

Fear not, mamas!! As a mom to a one-year-old baby boy, I have discovered a few healthy immune boosting methods that will help get you through the cold season.


Everyone in your family should wash their hands with real soap (organic is fine, just make sure it’s soap – not sanitizer). Be sure to wash your hands before you eat and periodically during the day after using public door handles, shopping carts, etc. As soon as you get home, I recommend washing them again! Don’t forget to wash between your fingers and under your nails!!


Eat the rainbow while limiting processed foods, packaged foods and dairy. I also recommend drinking only nutritious liquids to stay extra hydrated. I recently watched a great Master Class by Holistic Pediatrician Elisa Song, MD and she reinforced the idea that you can prevent and help your little ones heal with good food and drink! This does not mean only oranges, but rather the entire rainbow of fruits and veggies. We love leafy greens sautéed in Bone Broth at our house for an easy meal that packs a punch! For liquids, water is always the best go-to and remember to stay away from juices! Also, Mama I know it’s hard with Grandma sneaking the kids candy, but try your best to limit their exposure to sugar as it can cause inflammation and really weaken their immune systems.


Confused? I was too! But my pediatrician broke it down for me. You want to really make sure you don’t strip the nose or ear areas with tool-like nasal aspirators or q-tips. Once you introduce these things, you are causing the body to react and may end up with more snot or inflammation that will prolong the illness. Try to clear the passages once a day using saline spray to loosen the snot and ONLY a wet washrag to wipe the ears.


I learned this one during my son’s first cold and it was a lifesaver! Close the doors, turn the shower on full blast to the highest heat setting and add a couple drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil into the shower floor.  This will create a full-on steam room effect (watch the eucalyptus with babies as it can affect their breathing). DO NOT let the kids into the shower but sit with them in the bathroom and read or play while the steam builds up. This can help to clear up mucus in their chest and nose and relieve symptoms if they are already sick. We did this while my son played in the bathroom and it really set him up for a good night’s rest when he wasn’t feeling great.

I’m always looking for more creative, holistic and reliable ways to create a healthy environment for my family!  If you have any tips or tricks, please send them my way Mama!

Happy Bumping, Coach Annie

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