Top 5 Pregnancy Tips

Yay, Mama, you’re pregnant! Now what?

I’ve had the exact same feeling that included confusion, nerves and feeling completely overwhelmed looking for pregnancy tips. A great first step is getting into a health + wellness routine that works for you and your baby. Working out during pregnancy can have so many wonderful benefits including cervical and placenta health, developmental benefits, prevention and repair of diastasis recti and easier recovery from both a vaginal and C-section delivery postpartum. The Prenatal + Postpartum Membership is your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness-related during your pregnancy and beyond.

Top 5 Pregnancy Tips


No matter your lifestyle, working out and staying healthy is something you need to make time for. Whether you wake up early or make it your naptime homework, the important thing is that you get moving, even if it is just for 20 minutes.


Yep, I said it three times because it’s that important. Even if you can’t find the time for a full workout and cool down, make time for your deep core work! Your pelvic floor and core go through so much during pregnancy and postpartum that it’s essential you learn how to safely and effectively engage, release and strengthen your core. Following your workouts in the membership can make pregnancy and delivery more enjoyable and also help you bounce back postpartum!


During pregnancy, a hormone called Relaxin is created to help your body expand, making room for your baby. Relaxin can cause our joints and connective tissue to pull and feel weak, wake us up feeling stiff and leave us with those nagging aches and pains. Your membership is full of amazing movements teaching you how to lengthen and release because you CAN prevent these things from happening!! I love doing the Active Release Flow video before bed or right when I wake up to set my body up for a great day.


Try to maintain a light conversation during workouts and if you’re working out solo, try humming a song. If you can’t keep it going and need frequent breaks, slow it down and allow your breath to recover. I recommend mixing in a few slower movements because you can continue to challenge your body while keeping a healthy pace.


I know it’s easier said than done. If you miss a few days because you aren’t feeling great or need to rest, that’s absolutely OK! You won’t lose the progress you’ve made so be sure to give yourself some grace. You’ve got this, mama, and we’ve got your back!

Bonus Tip!

Still not sure about joining our Membership? Try this FREE pregnancy workout and see for yourself how great you can feel!

I hope you enjoy these tips!! You can use these for your entire pregnancy to help you connect your mind, body and baby!

Happy Bumping!

-Coach Annie

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