Why you have been doing your paleo diet wrong

Fish was only source for ancient skeleton

  • 6 hours ago
    April 03, 2015

If you’re bored of your paleo diet, maybe it’s time to take inspiration from Kennewick Man.
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SCIENTISTS have discovered a new sub-paleo diet, with the analysis of a 9000-year-old skeleton showing his diet was likely to have been predominantly fish.

Geochemist and professor at McMaster University in Ontario, Henry Schwarcz, said he had been analysing the mysterious Kennewick skeleton found near the area in Washington state in 1996.

While analysing isotopes in bones to identify his paleo diet, Mr Schwarcz was amazed at the level of collagen found.

“This guy was apparently living on a diet almost exclusively of marine foods; foods that come from the ocean,” Schwarcz told ABC News.

Mr Schwarcz was surprised by this finding as the skeleton was 600 kilometres inland along the Columbia River.

It was suggested the man wasn’t hunting the terrestrial wildlife that roam nearby fields.

Instead, Mr Schwarcz said he would have likely been indulging on salmon swimming upstream.

“He was choosing not to eat that wildlife,” Schwarcz said.

The geochemist said the occurrence was rare and suggested the man may have “had a prejudice against eating footed creatures”.

Mr Schwarcz said the skeleton appeared to have different ethnicity to other indigenous people and he believed the remains were 9000 years old.

Anthropologist at Georgia State University Ken Sayers said there is little evidence to suggest early humans subsisted on a specialised diet.

“Whatever angle you chose to look at the diets of our early ancestors, it’s hard to pinpoint any one particular feeding strategy,” he told ABC News.

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